Favorable loans for tourism and traffic in Serbia

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Minister of Finance Sinisa Mali says that the most important thing is to provide additional liquidity to the sectors that are especially endangered by the Covid-19 pandemic, and says that they will be provided with more favorable conditions for loans, which would include a longer repayment period and grace period.
Also, businessmen in tourism, hotel industry and road traffic will have the right to apply to the Development Fund for higher maximum amounts than is currently the case, and the condition is that they meet the prescribed conditions, said Mali.
By the way, today at the meeting in the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia, he conveyed to the representatives of tourism, hotel management and road traffic specific proposals of measures that should help their liquidity and start a business as soon as possible.
It was agreed at the meeting that a regulatory framework will be adopted in the coming days, which will legally regulate these measures.
After the proposals of businessmen were discussed at the previous meetings, the Minister said today that the state has found a way to help them, as it did, he added, with a comprehensive program of support for economic measures for detention.
He reminded businessmen that they already have the right to deferred payment of taxes and contributions on salaries, payment of minimum wages and cheap loans, adding that the most important thing is to provide additional liquidity to those sectors.
Mali concluded that the state reacted quickly and efficiently in the new situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic, and added that the payment of the second minimum wage is expected in less than ten days, Nova reports.

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