Five municipalities in Serbia received the most modern meteorological stations

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More than half a million agricultural farms are registered in Serbia, and of the total land leased, 65% is leased in Vojvodina.
Sombor, Indjija, Vrbas, Backa Topola and Subotica will be the first local governments in Serbia to receive state-of-the-art meteorological stations and provide farmers with real-time data on microclimatic conditions and weather forecasting with 90% accuracy, the National Alliance for Local Economic Development announced (NALED).
According to the statement, this is part of the improvement that will contribute to more efficient and easier data collection, which aims to increase yields, with optimal use of fertilizers, pesticides and water.
Meteorological stations will be installed within the project “Digitalization of municipal land management” implemented by NALED and Telegroup, with the support of the German Development Cooperation (GIZ) and will be part of the AgroLIFE platform for more efficient planning and management of agricultural production on state-owned leased land.
Through the NALED, Telegroup and GIZ project, further development of the platform will contribute to more efficient use of state-owned arable land, increase tenant satisfaction and preserve land quality, they added.
As they reminded, more than 45% of the total territory of Serbia is used as agricultural land, of which 515,000 hectares are state-owned land managed by local governments and leased.
Practice has shown, they pointed out, that, due to the lack of information, improper cultivation has led to a decline in the quality of fields, Srbija Danas reports.