Fuel became cheaper – petrol 174.2 and diesel 196.4 dinars

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Eurodiesel will be sold at the price of 196.40 dinars per liter from 3 pm to Friday, April 15, and Europremium BMB 95 motor gasoline for 174.20 dinars per liter, the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and telecommunications.

Compared to the previous seven days, the price of diesel is lower by 0.6 dinars and gasoline by 0.8 dinars per liter.

Previously, Eurodiesel cost 197 dinars per liter, while the price of a liter of BMB 95 was 175 dinars.

Yesterday, the Government of Serbia passed a new Decree on limiting the prices of certain types of derivatives, which is identical to the previous one and will be valid until April 30, reports Tanjug.