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Gas transportation in Serbia is carried out by three companies

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The Minister of Mining and Energy Dubravka Đedović pointed out that it is necessary to complete the reorganization of the Public Enterprise Srbijagas, which began with the transfer of ownership of Transportgas from Srbijagas to Serbia.

In the perspective, what does that change in terms of gas supply and whether Srbijagas will continue to be the main gas supplier or if the activity is transferred to Transportgas from the Ministry of Energy for “Politics” they explain that the reorganization in terms of separating the energy activity of transport and management of the transport system and supply of natural gas is an internationally assumed obligation by signing the agreement on the formation of the Energy Community, as well as the Stabilization and Association Agreement.

In accordance with the act of the Government, it is foreseen to separate the energy activity of transport and the management of the transport system from Srbijagas according to the so-called ISO model, which implies the separation of this activity in the form of a separate legal entity (Transportgas Srbija doo), which is independent from the supply activity (JP Srbijagas).

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 In Serbia, gas is transported by three energy entities – Transportgas Srbija (on 2,478 kilometers of gas pipelines in northern and central Serbia), Jugorosgaz Transport Niš (on 125 kilometers of gas pipelines in the southeastern part of Serbia) and Gastrans Novi Sad (on 402 kilometers of gas pipelines from the border with Bulgaria to border with Hungary). These energy entities will continue to perform this activity in the future, explains the relevant ministry.

 As far as the purchase of gas in the Balkan Stream is concerned, gas is procured (and gas is transported for their needs) by companies that have leased capacity for the transport of this gas with the company Gastrans. In order to carry out the reorganization of Srbijagas, in accordance with international obligations, it was necessary to create preconditions that enable its operations in accordance with international rules. In terms of natural gas supply, allowing third-party access to the transportation system contributes to greater competitiveness. The commercial company Transportgas Srbija was founded to carry out the activities of transport and management of the transport system.

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