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Germany invested EUR 60 million in Serbia in 2010

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Germany invested about EUR 60 million in Serbia last year, Ambassador of that country to Belgrade Wolfram Maas said yesterday, stressing that Germany has invested over EUR 1.5 billion in our country since 2004.

At the celebration occasioned by the tenth anniversary of work of TUEV SUED AG’s branch office in Belgrade and formation of the company TUEV SUED Serbia, Mr. Maas pointed out that several German companies had decided to start the business in Serbia in 2010 and create few hundred jobs.

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– I am satisfied with the fact that such big number of small enterprises are coming to Serbia and creating more jobs, between 50 and 100 at average – Mr. Maas said and added that the interest of German businessmen in investing in Serbia had been growing over the previous six months.

According to his words, Serbia remains an interesting location for German investors and it is important to establish an appropriate framework for investments – political stability, rule of law, reliable legal and regulatory framework.

– Investments and trade are of key importance for employment, growth and progress. That is why I believe that promotion of international trade and business relations represents the main element of the future orientation of foreign policy – said the Ambassador.

Axel Stepken, the President and Director General of the certification body, that is, TUEV SUED AG company, said that TUEV SUED in Serbia had increased the sales by over 100% over the previous 10 years and that Serbia and the region had a high level of dynamics and a big potential for the services of that company.

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On the international level, the company’s sales grew by about 10% in 2010, reaching nearly EUR 1.6 billion, and about 1,400 people got jobs.

Mr. Stepken pointed out that the company had expanded its business network to France, Ukraine, Sri Lanka and Serbia.


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