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Higher food production to cover higher costs

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With 30% higher food production, Serbia could cover higher energy costs, estimated in the Serbian Chamber of Economy (PKS).

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“It is not improper to say that countries with surplus food products should exploit such situation and cash in their resources in the best way”, said Milan Prostran, Secretary of the PKS Agricultural Association.

Last year, Serbia exported USD 1.7mn worth food products, although great price increases occurred, mostly due to higher oil prices.

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“The question is whether food can be our oil. If we produce at least 30% more food, which is possible, we could cover higher costs”, said Prostran.

He added that Serbia’s greatest potential lies in cereals, fruit and vegetables. The initiated privatization needs to be completed and producers must standardize their products and enter foreign markets.

“The state should aid us in taking out loans at more favorable terms”, said Ivana Jovanović, Foodland representative.

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