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How digitalization change the world – Can Serbia take a chance?


The digital revolution is slowly changing our private and business lives. Digitization has affected cities and entire countries. What brings a new digital age to businesses and companies, and to citizens, and how important it is to adapt as quickly as possible, eminent experts from the world Rawi E. Abdelal, a respected professor at Harvard Business School and Taavi Kotka, Ambassador of Digitization of Estonia, will tell us at Kopanik.

Ringier Axel Springer and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce are organizing a “Flash panel” called “Geopolitics in the Digital Age” on Kopaonik on March 3, 2020.

At 12 o’clock in the Congress Center of the Hotel Gorski, in the focus of the participants, prominent experts from the country and abroad, there will be two topics: “Geopolitics in the digital age: Lessons for countries and companies” and “Digitization of Serbia – the most important obstacles on the way”.

Experience has shown that digitization does not reduce the number of workers, but rather improves the quality of service, facilitates the work of both state and private business, increases their productivity, reduces paperwork and all that comes with it.

One of the key questions in the “Blic panel”, sponsored by “Supernova”, will be whether Serbia is investing enough in the process of digitization and do we have enough qualified staff at the moment to carry out the digitization of state administration and economy? In this regard, the question that the participants will attempt to answer is also whether the private sector has been sufficiently consulted and involved in the digitization processes and where is there room for progress?, Blic reports.