How much did the prices of apartments in Serbia jump?

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The average price of new apartments in Serbia in the second half of 2021 was 177,740 dinars per square meter, which is an increase of 7.1 percent compared to the second half of 2020, the Republic Bureau of Statistics announced today.

Apartment prices ranged from 46,644 dinars per square meter in Bujanovac to 376,613 dinars in the Belgrade municipality of Savski Venac.

The highest prices were recorded in Belgrade, where the average price in urban settlements was 257,971 dinars per square meter, which is an increase of 9.2 percent compared to the same period in 2020.

Cajetina, Novi Sad, Vrnjacka Banja, Nis municipality of Mediana, Zrenjanin, Kragujevac, Sabac, Uzice and Pancevo also stood out for their high prices.

The area of ​​newly built apartments sold averaged 56 square meters.

According to a separate statement from the Republic Bureau of Statistics, 1,702 building permits were issued in January this year, which is 15 percent more than in the same period last year.

Of the total number of permits issued in January, 78.8 percent referred to buildings, and 21.2 percent to other buildings.

Most permits were issued in the Belgrade region 37.5 percent, the Danube region 16.6 percent, the South Bačka region 7.2 percent, the Zlatibor region 4.7 percent and the Srem region four percent, Danas writes.