How much has food become more expensive in Serbia?

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The prices of agricultural and fishery products in January this year, compared to the same month last year, increased by 18.3 percent, the Republic Bureau of Statistics announced today.

Cereals rose the most by 24.7 percent, industrial plants by 24.6 percent, as well as cattle and poultry by 22.6 percent.

Potatoes were almost 119 percent more expensive in January this year than in January last year, 46.6 percent more vegetables and 34.4 percent more wheat. Fruit is less than 28% cheaper and it is the only product that has become cheaper in this period.

Compared to the month before, the prices are higher by 0.5 percent, and if you look at the whole year, the prices are higher by 20.8 percent during 2021, compared to the year before.

In that period, the largest increase in prices was recorded in fruit, which rose by 50.3 percent, industrial plants were more expensive by 46.1 percent, and cereals by 26.8 percent.

The only two categories that have become cheaper if we look at last year are pigs, which were five percent cheaper during 2021, while fishery products became less than two percent cheaper, Danas reports.

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