Human Assets

Labor quality

With a unique combination of high quality and low cost skill set, labor plays a vital role in business performance enhancement.
Serbia has the high potential people resources coming from quality education and with developed consumer habits is the most potential market in the region.
Within the scope of ongoing and perspective investment projects and market entries in various business sectors foreign companies are paying great attention to the proper labor selection, from start up teams to the full scope of operational staff.

There are many HR companies working in Serbia, majority are foreign companies, but as well with raising number of local Serbian agencies. And they all have sufficient number of clients since Serbia has a good labor market.

Among many of the foreign HR companies operating in Serbia as local legal entities, it can be determined that more or less the market is shared. We have agencies working for clients from the eastern part of EU and doing pretty good making their name in Serbia , as well as world wide known companies from the western part of EU. For example, very often German company market entry and its start up teams building are entrusted to the German owned HR agency. The new trend is exporting of labor force to the EU countries.

Considering the increasing number of companies entering Serbia and the same demands for professional and skilled labor force maybe there is a space for more companies in this sector.

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