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IKOTEK is coming to Serbia and strengthening the management team

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Ikotek USA, Inc., one of the leading ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) manufacturers of IoT (Internet of Things) devices and EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services) service providers from the United States of America, has announced its presence in Belgrade, and as part of its commitment to global market growth and expansion.

This strategic decision strengthens Ikotek’s position as a significant player in the technology industry, while expanding its ability to provide inventive solutions to clients worldwide. In addition, Ikotek has strengthened its EMEA management team by bringing in Vladimir Rakić as Director of Research and Development in the EMEA region, and Jura Gantar as Director of Sales.

The goal of the presence in Serbia is to increase Ikotek’s ability to help European clients by providing them with stronger support in the areas of design, development and consulting for IoT solutions. This will allow customers to go to market faster, while ensuring that Ikotek remains at the forefront of device design and continuously improves product design.

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“We are thrilled to be expanding our presence in Serbia, a country known for its technological expertise and outstanding talent pool,” said Joe Peterson, CEO of Ikotec. “Our investment in Serbia reflects our confidence in the country’s potential and our commitment to providing services to clients at the highest level.” We look forward to close cooperation with local partners and a significant contribution to the technological ecosystem of Serbia”.

Serbia proved to be an ideal destination for the expansion of Ikotek. A favorable business environment, strong infrastructure and a policy that supports innovation provide an excellent basis for Ikotek’s operations in the region.

Ikotek’s presence in Serbia not only represents a significant step in the company’s global growth strategy, but at the same time emphasizes its commitment to supporting local economies and creating employment opportunities. The establishment of an office in Belgrade is expected to open a significant number of highly qualified jobs in the region, further strengthening the position of Serbia as a technology center for the development of integrated (embedded) IoT solutions for leading OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) manufacturers.

“I am delighted to be joining Ikotek during this exciting phase as we aim to expand the company’s presence in Europe,” said Vladimir Rakic, Director of Research and Development. “Together with the local team, I will work diligently on our growth in this market, in order to provide exceptional service to our customers.”
“Having worked in the IoT market for many years, I clearly see many business opportunities for Ikotek in the EMEA region and look forward to realizing them. With operations in Europe, we will be even faster in providing complete ODM and EMS services,” said Jure Gantar, Sales Director.

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The company plans to collaborate with local educational institutions and organizations to provide training and mentoring, nurturing the next generation of technical talent and encouraging innovation in Serbia.

With its presence in Serbia, Ikotek aims to accelerate the pace of innovation, establish strategic partnerships and further strengthen its position as one of the global IoT leaders. The company remains committed to providing exceptional support to its clients, empowering organizations and individuals with transforming digital solutions.

About Ikotek USA, Inc.

Based in San Diego, California, Ikotek’s focus is on small and medium-sized enterprises with the need to develop ODM solutions that take full advantage of IoT technologies, covering technologies supported by mobile networks, including NB-IoT and 5G, then satellite connections, already established IT solutions, as well as relative novelties such as artificial intelligence for IoT (AIoT).

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