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IMF and World Bank „the mightiest” institutions in Serbia

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Prime minister Aleksandar Vucic took first place in the list of most powerful figures/institutions in Serbia and is followed by International Monetary Fund and World Bank at the second, according to poll conducted by newly established agency Demostat. Serbian tycoons are in third place, government institutions at ninth, while president Tomislav Nikolic scored tenth.

Zoran Djindijic, reformis prime minister assassinated in 2003 and former authoritarian president Slobodan Milosevic were among ten “best leaders”, according to poll. This was the result of their posthumous charisma, said Zoran Panovic, Demostat’s program coordinator.

“In last several years we have been witnessed the revision of Milosevic’s personality. Therefore, he is not presented anymore as the person who has devastated Serbia, but rather as the vanguard of the world. On the other side, Zoran Djindijic was, until he was alive, demonized by Goebbels-like propaganda in 1990s. And now he has become acceptable and good statesman thanks to parallels drawn between him and Vucic”, Panovic said.

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He singled out “a tragic moment” – every sixth person in Serbia is authoritarian, according to poll.

Srecko Mihailovic, Demostat’s chief researcher, added that authoritarianism explains the political constellation at the moment. “Vucic and his Serbian Progressive Party dominate the political stage which is not new founding and it is not surprise. But the high number of pro-authoritarian citizens is the reason to be concerned of. As much as 80 percent of those interviewed believe that Serbia needs “strong hand” which means a powerful leader”, Mihailovic underlined.

According to poll, the candidate of the ruling parties would score twice as much vote as opposition or independent candidate at the presidential elections next year

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