In Q1, most landline phone owners transferred numbers to SBB

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In the first quarter of this year, most landline phone owners transferred numbers to SBB – 2,430, while the A1 network attracted the most mobile phone users – a total of 10,784 numbers, the Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services (RATEL) announced.

The report for the first quarter of this year, published on the Agency’s website, states that, among 20 fixed telephony operators, SBB transferred the most numbers – 2,430, while Telekom Srbija left fixed telephony in that period with the highest number of users – 3,425.

Most mobile phone numbers were transferred to the A1 network – 10,784, while Telekom Srbija is in second place with 7,923 ported numbers.

According to the records given in the report by RATEL, the largest outflow during the first three months of this year was the network of the former Telenor and now Yettel, which was left by a total of 10,393 users.

When calculating the inflow and outflow of numbers from the same network, SBB has the highest positive difference in fixed telephony – 1,371 numbers, while Telekom Srbija records the highest negative difference with 2,318 “minus” numbers.

The A1 mobile network is up 4,771, while Yettel is down 6,804, according to a RATEL report, N1 reports.

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