In the next two years, about 435 kilometers of old railways in Serbia will be removed

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In the next two years, the infrastructure of the Serbian railway will dismantle and remove about 435 kilometers of old railways, on which the railway traffic has not taken place for decades and which are not planned for further exploitation, it was announced today.
Of that, almost 400 kilometers of old railways are located in Vojvodina.
“These are lines whose functioning and maintenance was not profitable in any way, and any new investments and repairs have no economic or traffic justification,” the Serbian Railway Infrastructure said in a statement.
After the public sale procedure, the company signed an agreement with the company ZGOP from Novi Sad on the sale of rails, switches, switch parts and track accessories that will be obtained during the dismantling of fifteen railways in Serbia as secondary raw materials.
About 25,000 tons of secondary raw materials will be collected, and the sale of the Serbian Railway Infrastructure will earn a little more than 2.5 million euros.
The planned duration of the contract is two years, and it also envisages the obligation to dismantle, transport and deposit railway sleepers, according to the current legal solutions that regulate this area.
This means that about 350,000 waste wooden railway sleepers, which according to the latest classification are hazardous waste, will be made available to the company that won the job at the tender of the Ministry of Environmental Protection. The value of waste wooden railway sleepers that will be removed in this way, mainly from the territory of Vojvodina, is around 6.8 million euros.
By dismantling and removing old railway infrastructure capacities that have not been used for a long time, Serbian Railway Infrastructure will free about 590 hectares of land in the infrastructure and railway belt, in 26 municipalities across Serbia, which local governments will be able to use for various purposes and in accordance with their needs, it is stated in the announcement, Danas reports.