Increasing production and expanding product portfolios

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The company Galenika, which is part of the Brazilian NC Group, during 2021 recorded a significant expansion of the product portfolio, growth in Serbia and regional markets and further modernization of business. In the Serbian market, Galenika achieved a 13 percent increase in sales compared to 2020, but it also grew 25 percent faster than the market, thus confirming a stable second position in terms of share in the Serbian pharmaceutical market.

In the markets of the region where Galenika operates (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia), sales increased by as much as 33 percent. In Serbia and the region, 31 products have been registered, while 29 have already been released. In 2021, Galenika achieved production growth of 9% compared to 2020.

In addition to the region, Galenika is successfully operating in 13 international markets in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, where it has increased exports by 14 percent, while 19 products have been successfully registered on the EU market. Galenika’s Institute for Research and Development, in strategic partnership with its sister company in Brazil, EMS, is working on technology transfer of five products from the latest generation of generic drugs. Technology transfers for 2 products have been successfully completed, and the remaining 3 are expected to be completed by the end of April this year.

“Galenika occupies a stable market position, which is contributed by an uncompromising commitment to quality and expansion of the product portfolio in accordance with modern consumer needs. Our key drivers of business value include investing, digitizing and modernizing, as well as providing support to the community in which we operate. Last year was also marked by the internationalization of business with significant growth in the region and in international markets. “International business is an area that we will continue to develop in 2022,” said Ricardo Vian Marquez, CEO of Galenika.

The process of digitalization of the company continues. On its way to becoming an “intelligent company”, Galenika implemented SAP Analytics Cloud in 2021 – the most advanced platform that combines business intelligence, advanced and predictive analytics and planning capabilities in an integrated business environment.

A new investment cycle has started with a focus on environmental protection and increasing energy efficiency. In addition to the focus on the continuity of production and supply, as well as the safety of employees, Galenika in 2021 proved its commitment to socially responsible business by realizing donations of medical equipment for 14 health institutions and donations of medicines for 96 health institutions, Nova Ekonomija reports.