Inflation in Serbia is 7.9 percent

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Last year, inflation reached 7.9 percent, according to official statistics. The most expensive – food.
According to the data of the Republic Bureau of Statistics, consumer prices in December 2021, compared to the same month last year, increased by 7.9 percent.
The price of food increased the most – by 12.7 percent. Within it, vegetables rose the most, by 22.4 percent, followed by oils and fats by 20.9 percent, while meat increased the price by 14.3 percent in 12 months.
Groceries in the group “coffee, tea and cocoa”, which are 13.6 percent more expensive, also recorded a price increase of more than ten percent.
Transport increased in price by 13.5 percent, and within it the most fuels and lubricants for passenger vehicles – 22.8 percent.
The just published report of the Republic Bureau of Statistics states that there are two reductions in December 2021 compared to December 2020. Computer equipment has lower prices, by 3.2 percent, while telephone equipment, according to official statistics, has fallen 5, 5 percent.
Apartment insurance, airline and district heating services did not change the price, N1 reports.