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Invest In Obrenovac

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Invest In Obrenovac Serbia
Investment & Business Promotion Project
“Invest in Obrenovac”, Serbia is the Local Serbian Investment & Business Promotion Project of the Municipality of Obrenovac, situated only 30 km from the capital of Serbia Belgrade, the South Eastern Europe business centre. ”Invest in Obrenovac” initiative has as its mission to ensure the maximum value for your investment.
With its strategic position, Obrenovac offers access to all major transportation infrastructures – Pan – European Corridors No. 10 and No. 7, river transportation, vicinity of the Belgrade’s International Airport, advanced infrastructure and highly developed business tradition.
The main idea of the project is to raise awareness of a wide range of opportunities that the town is offering in sectors such as agribusiness, construction, tourism, logistics, shared business services and others. Further plan is to expand this local initiative to other Serbian local communities.

The project is designed as the resourceful scheme for long lasting and solid economic development of the municipality of Obrenovac. Furthermore, we would like to call attention to the ideas and values of the EU that this project espouses and which combined with Serbian values create encouraging and effective synergy on Serbia’s path to EU membership. We are investing continuous efforts in bringing our citizens closer to the principles of the European Union and raising their awareness about the relevance of changes that are necessary for harmonization with the EU standards.

One of the aspects of our initiative refers to the Business club of Obrenovac, which gathers respectable companies doing business in our municipality. Through this initiative all business potentials of Obrenovac are represented in the cost-effective and resourceful manner.

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Thanks to the networking scheme established among various interested local and regional business partners, as well as its cooperation with international business associations and institutions, Invest in Obrenovac Serbia Investment Promotion Project, expanded its presence from local to regional. Moreover, with modern communication vehicles employed we are aspiring to reach the international level soon.

In order to learn more we invite you to visit and explore all potentials for cooperation and doing business in Obrenovac Serbia.


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