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Koviljaca Spa Special Hospital receives Brand Leader Award

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The Special Hospital for Rehabilitation Koviljaca Spa has been given the Brand Leader Award for the second time in a row.

Prim Dr Aleksandar Jokic received the award within 7th Business Conference Tourist Market of Southeast Europe, where he also delivered a lecture.

A jury of experts said the hospital was the leader in establishing new standards in the competitive tourist market of Southeast Europe, through organizational and operational excellence, continued innovations and investments, multidisciplinary content and high quality services in the field of medical and wellness tourism.

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Aleksandar Jokic has been managing this very significant institution for two years now, which flourishes nowadays when it comes to restoring the Spa and its values for which it has been recognized on a regional level, and which represents a genuine Serbian brand when it comes to treating rheumatic and other diseases, which, on the other hand, was decaying for a long period of time.

Nowadays, facilities of special hospital are full throughout the whole year, not only from season to season, and there are more foreign guests that visit Koviljaca Spa for its medical treatment and for the sake of health promotion in the modern wellness center. Recently, while visiting Loznica and Vuk’s Festival, President Vucic had pointed out to an excellent work of the Special hospital and more specifically of Dr Jokic, promising more assistance in its future development, along with the development of Koviljaca Spa in general.

“This award confirms all other recognitions we’ve received, that prove that hard work always pays off. It is specially important that we got this award in the year which precedes marking great anniversary – 160 years since organized treatment had begun in Koviljaca Spa. We have lots of plans for the next year, that would make Spa a significant place. After several decades, we will renovate central facility of the object’s park, Kursalon, which is famous in the SEE region, which will be available for the visitors and guests of Koviljaca Spa as an entertaining, congress center, but also serving as treatment facility to all who undergo treatment in the Special hospital, offering top food selection (now, we have four kitchens and halls for dining, and this is a good opportunity to consolidate all facilities and to get better quality of service offered), we will finalize the new building ‘Wellness Hotel’, with additional fifty luxury spots, new pools and other accompanying relaxing and therapeutic content,” he said. and added:

“We also plan on putting in use now devastated villas Koviljaca and Bosnia, that are also located in the park, so that we could get additional accommodation facilities, including completely new offer. We also plan to find a place for a hyperbaric chamber and brand new diagnostic-therapeutic block. We had always worked well here, for which I have to thank my predecessor Dr Nikola Sremcevic, but now when we have generous support of the relevant ministry, Serbian Government and the President of Serbia, we have to work faster and better. 360 employees take care of 20.000 patients, that generate 150.000 overnight stays per year. Our main motto is that the strength of the waterfall is in a multitude of drops that work together, and that is why we are so strong and united, and we move on. We want to create better living and working conditions in our Spa.”

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In order to make maximum use of the nature’s gifts, and along with excellent managing of the Special hospital, it is necessary to improve the offer of Koviljaca Spa, so that it could really become tourist center. For a start, there is better connection with the bypass road, making the approach to the center of Spa easier, by constructing another road, which is under responsibility of Roads of Serbia company, to implement it in the next year, along with constructing city swimming pool, aqua park (as the nearest one is located in Loznica). Apart from constructing city swimming pool, it is necessary to take care of the wild beaches, so that Drina can reach its full potentials during the summer.

Gucevo is in the immediate proximity of the center of Koviljaca Spa where hiking tours commence, out of which the longest one leads all the way to the Memorial Ossuary and is 12 km long.

It is necessary to simplify the communication between all valuable content: from Tronosa Monastery, via Trsic, to Gucevo, Drina, Cer, and Loznica of course, which needs to be reached via hiking and bicycle tracks.

The Brand Leader Award is being presented based on the series of standard criteria that include innovative approach, high level of market recognition and positioning of authentic products. The Award is being presented for 13 years now, affirming most prominent companies, institutions, individuals and media which with continued positive development and innovative strategies set higher standards and promote the market, thus giving immense contribution in popularizing economic potentials, creating competitive market image of the whole region.

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