Kromberg & Schubert to produce cables in Krusevac for the automotive industry – The five-year plan envisions the employment of 4,000

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Krusevac has been chosen among eight Serbian cities as the best site for the construction of a Kromberg & Schubert factory, which got the city its first large investor, the City Administration said.

The company, which produces cables for the automotive industry, plans to complete the outward structure of the 20,000 m2 factory by the end of the year and to complete the interior and train the workers during the winter.

The factory should open in 2017 and employ 1,200 people, and another 1,300 should be employed in the second phase. The five-year plan envisions the expansion of the factory to another 20,000 m2 and the employment of a total of 4,000 people.

The company Kromberg and Schubert is a family enterprise which has been active since 1906, has factories at 30 locations around the world, produces cables for the automotive industry, for cars of German origin exclusively, and employs 50,000 people.

The Krusevac factory should be built at the site of the Equestrian Club on the 5.2 ha area, and the City Administration is obliged to provide an additional 1.4 ha, owned by the state, which will add up to 6.6 ha of the total area. This location is outside the Detailed Regulation Plan for the Old Airport, phase 1, which encompasses 27 hectares meant for a residential and business complex.

– There’s a possibility of connecting that parcel to the existing plumbing, sewage and gas systems, and there’s also a need for the construction of a power substation, which is being negotiated with EPS – said the manager of the Directorate for Urban Planning and Construction of Krusevac Vojkan Tutulic.

According to the General Plan of Krusevac, only those activities which are environmentally and functionally appropriate to the residential zone and which can’t in any way endanger the main purpose of the residential structure may be carried out on that location.

– This means that it’s possible to build a so-called “clean technology” facility, which doesn’t make noise and produce harmful gases, which needs to be proved by preparing the study on the assessment of environmental impact – Tutulic explained.

Source; eKapija