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Lafarge to open research center in Beocin

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Serbia’s Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration Bozidar Djelic announced Monday that one of the world’s leading companies Lafarge could open a research center in Beocin.

“We are currently in talks with Lafarge about opening one part of their research system in Beocin. They have an annual budget of EUR 150 million and we want to be part of that budget and their development program,” Djelic said at the French Embassy, which organized a presentation of the three Serbian projects which made the shortlist at the Lafarge 2010 European innovation competition.

The deputy prime minister said this would make it possible for Serbian engineers and scientists to compete on the world scene.

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“We will carry on in the same vein with other companies that come to Serbia, in order to make it a country where things are not only assembled and produced, but also developed and invented,” Djelic pointed out.

He noted that the success of Serbian projects at the Lafarge competition proves that the country has a lot of potential and knowledge.

French Ambassador Fran├žois-Xavier Deniau congratulated the Serbian companies and scientists on their success.

He said that the Beocin cement factory, owned by Lafarge, was the first privatization in Serbia and a very successful one at that, adding that the company uses recycled materials.

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