Large employment by a German investor arriving in Serbia

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The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, announced today that a German company will arrive in Vranje in February, which, as he says, is much more solid and better than Geox, which will employ about 1,000 workers.
Vučić said that it was a great event for Vranje, Pčinja district and southern Serbia.
“I am so happy because we worked hard with Geox, it is not fair what they did, but it is not done, it leaves a bad impression on all investors, even from that country,” Vucic said.
He said that this morning he received a letter from his economic advisor Jörg Heskens and that the new German companies are showing great interest in Serbia.
“We will have a good year with many good investments, there will be extraordinary news just to preserve this level of investment, to preserve peace,” said Vucic.
He stated that people would soon arrive from Valjevo from Belgrade in 50 minutes by the fast road Lajkovac-Valjevo, Politika reports.