Livestock is in a serious decline

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Businessmen will ask the Government of Serbia to take measures that will encourage the development of animal husbandry, the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia announced.

At the session of the Board of the Association for Livestock and Processing of Livestock Products, it was pointed out that the prices of energy, animal feed, mineral fertilizers, protective equipment and transport have multiplied in the past two and a half years due to the pandemic and recent Ukrainian crisis, livestock products.

Businessmen are proposing to review the stocks of corn and all cereals and oilseeds necessary for the production of animal feed and determine the necessary quantities for the domestic market.

They also demand that more intensive work be done on calming prices , reducing VAT rates on all products used in animal nutrition and encouraging the solution of excise duties on energy sources used in primary agricultural production, and establishing a system of priority access to corn commodity reserves to stabilize livestock. production, the PKS said in a statement.

According to official statistics, at the end of last year, the number of cattle decreased by three percent compared to the end of 2020, pigs by almost four percent, goats by 3.6 percent, while the total number of sheep and poultry increased slightly.

In the last three years, the total number of cattle has decreased by 38,000, pigs by 115,000, poultry by 430,000, while the number of sheep has increased by ten thousand.

There have been no major deviations in meat production in the last three years, but since the end of last year and the beginning of this year, there has been a decline in meat production by 9.3 percent, dairy products by 15 percent, fish by a third, feed by almost 15 percent. observed in chicken meat by three percent.

The decline in raw milk production in the last three years is 2.4 percent, BizLife reports.