Long-term investment loans of EUR 90 million will be available to companies

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The Ministry of Economy will soon announce a public invitation to companies to participate in the new investment program “Recovery and Development”, State Secretary at the Ministry of Economy Milan Ljusic told Tanjug, adding that the companies will have 90 million euros in loans through this program.

According to him, the loans were provided through the European Investment Bank and will be placed through the Development Fund.

In this way, long-term investment loans with a repayment period of as much as 12 years, a grace period of up to two years and a favorable interest rate will be available to businessmen for the first time. Business entities with less than 250 employees will be able to apply for these funds. those of medium market capitalization, defined as companies with a minimum of 250 and less than 3,000 employees “, explained Ljušić.

The obtained money will be able to be used for the purchase, construction, extension, reconstruction, adaptation, rehabilitation, investment maintenance of the space for performing activities or storage space and accommodation capacities in tourism.

Also for the purchase of new or used equipment for performing activities, including tools and delivery vehicles as well as other means of transport, the purchase of computer equipment, intangible assets, or the purchase of software.

Tanjug’s interlocutor points out that this new credit program is an addition to a set of programs that the Ministry of Economy has been implementing for years to support entrepreneurs, which are a combination of grants and favorable credit lines of the Development Fund or commercial banks and leasing companies.

He adds that most of the programs are implemented in cooperation with the Development Fund, and this year they are the Entrepreneurship Development Encouragement Program through financial support for business start-ups, the Entrepreneurship Development Encouragement Program through financial support for women entrepreneurs and youth and the Entrepreneurship Encouragement Program through development projects .

In addition, a program with commercial banks and leasing companies is being implemented, in order to ensure that as many funds as possible are available to businessmen under the most favorable conditions.

“In the program in which our partners are in the implementation of commercial banks and leasing companies, through the competition of commercial banks during the procedure of selecting partners for the program, loans to program users are placed at the most favorable interest rates,” says Ljusic.

As an important additional condition, he states that banks cannot ask for a mortgage as collateral for a specific investment in equipment, but is the primary means of securing collateral for equipment procured through this program, Novosti reports.