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Manufacturer of seat heaters IGB Automotive plans to hire additional 300 people in Indjija

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IGB Automotive in Indjija, the manufacturer of automobile seat heaters, has 260 employees and, according to the new development strategy, it plans to create about 300 jobs more – it is stated on the website of the municipality of Indjija.

We plan to hire young trainees, mechanical and electrical engineers, and management experts, and this company has also signed an agreement with the National Employment Agency in Indjija on employment of people with disabilities.

IGB Automotive is a part of German company Bauerhin, and it was formed in 2007. So far, about 2 million euros have been invested in the equipment. They started production with 60 workers in a rented hall, and the annual production of seat heaters amounted to 1.5m pieces this year.

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The plan of the company’s management is to employ another 300 people within next three years and to form a development-research center in Indjija. They also plan to buy major share of semi-finished products in Serbian market, which has not been the case before.

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