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Medela invests 2 million euros in construction of production hall

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The company Medela from Vrbas is going to invest 2 million euros in construction of a new production hall and storage space and procurement of equipment. Next to the existing Medela’s hall, situated on the grounds of the industrial zone in Vrbas, a hall spanning 3,800 square meters will be built on a lot of 10,000 square meters, while an open competition for a preliminary solution for construction of these capacities is underway.

According to the words of Director General Olivera Verac, the project implementation should be completed 10 months after an agreement is signed with the contractor and location and building permits are collected.

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Medela has decided to make this investment because of good business results achieved in 2010 and expected growth of production and sales in 2011.

– The investment plan for 2011 is ambitious because we have our place in the market, as well as the target group of consumers. When it comes to new products, we should soon launch new wholemeal strudels with cranberry and fig fillings, as well as new tea biscuits. By adopting new technologies and purchasing a new equipment, Medela will be able to offer new forms of strudels, new waffle products with various fillings and new shapes of waffles to the market, as well as the latest wholemeal and snack products – Olivera Verac explained for eKapija.

As she said, production in the new hall is expected to commence in late 2011 or early 2012.

Medela is an export-oriented company that exports about 60% of products, primarily to Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, and Switzerland.

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As our interlocutor said, one of the primary goals of Medela is to stay present in the existing foreign markets, as well as to conquer new markets in western Europe and the Near East with the quality of its ready-made products and packaging.


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