MK Group’s investments are strengthening Serbia and the region

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MK Group, with large investments in the Grand hotel complex on Kopaonik and other investments, strengthens not only the economy and tourist offer of Serbia, but also encourages development and employment in Raska district, but also regional cooperation in Southeast Europe, said today the President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Marko Čadež.
He said at the ceremony on the occasion of the completion of the reconstruction of the Grand Hotel, in which MK Group invested 28 million euros, that the hotel is more than a phenomenal tourist facility and top services, the PKS announced.
“This complex run by MK Group contributes to increasing employment and improving the standards of many families, engaging companies, strengthening the economic sector related to the business of this center from the furniture to food and beverage industry. All small and medium companies from Raska district really live and prosper”, Čadež said.
He reminded that MK Group, one of the largest companies in this part of Europe, started its campaign from Kopaonik to conquer the tourist world in the region.
“Today, with 15 hotels in Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia, she has done something that many politicians in the region still do not understand, and that is to create a single region, a single economy, a company that really lives this region and lives in accordance with principles for which we really want to fight. It will not be worth anything if we have seven, 10 or 15 million inhabitants, unless we all start working together,” Čadež pointed out.
He added that on the way to Kopaonik, a larger number of trucks and lorries are visible than before, which, as he said, is good for the economy.
The president of PKS said that the potential, development and success of the companies and large systems depend on the people, their energies, leadership and mutual relations.
“MK Group has it all and was able to develop thanks to the vision of the experienced and brave president of the company Miodrag Kostić and a new innovative energy of Aleksandar Kostić,” said Čadež, Beta reports.