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Alta Pay Group acquires significant stake in Addiko Bank AG

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Alta Pay Group, owned by Davor Macura, has reportedly acquired around 30% of Addiko Bank AG shares, aiming to become the bank’s largest individual shareholder, as per unofficial sources from Bloomberg Adria.

According to Bloomberg, the purchase of this share package is contingent upon regulatory approvals from multiple regulators across six countries. Alta Pay Group is optimistic about securing all necessary permissions to own nearly 30% of Addiko Bank AG shares in the coming period.

It’s important to note that the banking and financial group’s intention isn’t to acquire a majority stake in the bank.

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This move to acquire a stake in Addiko Bank AG aligns with Alta Pay Group’s strategic plans to expand its presence in the Adriatic region.

Alta Pay Group is a prominent player in providing payment services across a network of 4,100 locations in markets such as Serbia, Montenegro, and is the owner of Alta Bank.

Addiko AG shares concluded trading this month at a price of 17.95 euros, marking a notable 19.3% monthly increase. Over the past six months, the value of the shares has surged by 43.6%.

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