More expensive corn, wheat and soy cheaper

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Last week, the price of corn on the Novi Sad Product Exchange increased by about 3.3 percent and was sold at a price of 29.30 to 31.30 dinars per kilogram without value added tax (VAT).

On the Chicago Stock Exchange, the price of corn is also rising due to the dry and warm weather, which has reduced yields in the area sown with that agricultural crop.

As it was announced from the Product Exchange, the price of wheat had a slight drop, it fell by 0.4 percent, and the price of soy also fell slightly, by 0.18 percent compared to the prices of the previous seven days. The stock exchange points out that this week there was no supply or demand on the wheat market, and that contracts were concluded for only 50 tons at a price of 39 dinars per kilogram without VAT.

– Compared to the previous week, the price of soybeans did not change much, at the beginning of the week, that oilseed was traded at a price of 72.70 dinars – they say on the stock exchange.

They add that the barley harvest increased the turnover of that grain, but the offers were small and contracts were concluded at a price of 32 to 32.25 dinars per kilogram without VAT, for barley with lower quality parameters, while barley with “HL 62kg “, Traded at a price of 34 dinars per kilogram without VAT.
Sunflower meal was traded at a price of 36 dinars per kilogram, without VAT, Danas reports.