More than 130 million euros are invested in Serbia-Bulgaria gas interconnector, waste recycling, and environmental protection through IPA program

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The Ministry of Finance of the Government of the Republic of Serbia announced today that our country has successfully and within the planned deadline completed the contracting of projects for the IPA 2017 program, with a contracting rate of 99.3%.
The statement states that the total amount of all contracted projects with national co-financing for the IPA 2017 program is 130.9 million euros, of which 82.08 million euros from European Union funds, and national participation is 48.82 euros, it is published on the official website of the Government of the Republic of Serbia.
The achieved result represents a total of 21 contracts signed for this programming period.
By the way, the total budget of the Financial Agreement between Serbia and the European Union for the National Program IPA 2017, which is implemented through decentralized management of European Union funds, amounts to 131.8 million euros.
In the mentioned program period, large projects dealing with the topics of energy efficiency, environmental protection, agriculture and internal affairs were represented. The deadline for the implementation of these projects is three years.
One of the main projects of the IPA 2017 program is the construction of the gas interconnector Serbia – Bulgaria, whose value is approximately 79 million euros.
The realization of this project will provide diversification of directions and sources of gas supply, which will mean greater security of supply for Serbia and the region and enable further development of the gas distribution network. The length of the pipeline will be 109 kilometers.
A very important part of this program is environmental protection. The projects that will be represented are projects for the construction of wastewater treatment plants in the municipalities of Brus, Blace and Kraljevo.
Projects like these will contribute to the residents of the municipalities having a better quality of drinking water and will create preconditions for the development of a sewerage network system. The total value of both projects is approximately 38 million euros.
Also, the IPA 2017 program finances the contract for the procurement of goods for four regions (Pancevo, Srem and Macva, Duboko and Pirot), which includes a total of 17 cities and municipalities. The total value of the project is over 6 million euros. The procurement contracts will provide the equipment necessary for the separation of waste, including vehicles for the transport of separate waste, containers and bins, eKapija reports.