National Bank of Serbia on successful results during the previous 2021

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Serbia will achieve one of the best results in Europe in terms of economic growth. It took three quarters to return to the pre-crisis level, while after the 2008 crisis, the pre-crisis level was reached only after four and a half years.

The exchange rate of the dinar against the euro is stable, and foreign exchange reserves, at the end of November, amount to 16.5 billion euros. That is about three billion euros more than at the end of 2020, despite the pandemic. Gold reserves increased by 1.7 tons, to a record 37.2 tons. – Dinar savings have increased by 12 percent, to a new record level – it is stated in the annual report of the Central Bank. – Thus, it is six times higher than at the end of 2012.

The conditions for financing the economy, citizens and the state are even more favorable than at the beginning of the pandemic. The share of non-performing loans in total loans was lowered to the lowest 3.4 percent, while lending activity – a growth of nine percent year-on-year in November, continues to fully support economic growth.

As the NBS explains, the inflow of foreign direct investments amounted to around 3.6 billion euros, which is close to the best 2019. – We are half a step closer to the investment rating, which increases the value of each individual company in the country – it is written in the NBS Report. – Macroeconomic stability has been preserved, inflation was temporarily increased in 2021, and the base remained low and stable. The increasing use of dinars also contributes to greater financial stability.

The temporary measures from 2020 will be extended for 12 months. This means that in 2022, banks will be able to apply measures that make it easier for citizens to finance the purchase of an apartment, approve relief in repayment of housing loans and approve loans with a maturity of up to two years in the amount of up to 800 euros under the simplified procedure. The use of the provided guarantee scheme was continued, the amount of which was further increased, and a new guarantee scheme was introduced, Alo reports.