New capital projects in Serbia with the help of the state and the EU

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The city of Pirot, with the support of the state and international institutions, plans to implement several capital projects, Mayor Vladan Vasić stated for TV Pirot.
He stated that he has been negotiating with the German Development Bank KFW for years on the construction of a wastewater treatment plant in the city.
“On the occasion of this project, a lot has already been done – a feasibility study, a location has been chosen, an analysis of the water supply system and a manhole survey have been done,” said Vasić.
According to him, several models of financing the realization of this project are in the option.
“The estimated value of the construction of this plant is 15 million euros, and the investment also includes a sludge drying plant,” said Vasić, adding that the project is also on the list of projects for potential financing with EU funds.
Vasić emphasizes that this is also connected with the construction of a composting plant at the Pirot Regional Landfill, where the disposal of sludge remains is planned.
“This project, which includes the upgrade of the body of the Regional Landfill, is being discussed with the Ministry of Environmental Protection. The value of the construction of the composting plant is around 3 million euros, and the upgrade of the body of the Landfill is the same value,” said Vasić.
He expressed hope that negotiations with the ministries and other donors will be successfully completed and that Pirot will receive these funds, the amount of which is around 21 million euros.
“That is 1.4 times more than the annual budget of the city,” Vasic said, Danas reports.

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