New Chinese investments: The first corn processing plant

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The news that one of the largest corn processors in the world intends to open a plant in Serbia has raised hopes that we could be more than just exporters of raw materials for which we are known in the world.

According to unofficial information, the investment reaches 250 million euros, and according to Sputnik, the potential investor is a Chinese company.

Negotiations are underway and the only thing that the Minister of Agriculture Branislav Nedimović revealed is that the investors intend to process half a million tons of corn a year and make final products – amino acids, starch, glucose.

Considering that the production of corn in Serbia, depending on the year, ranges between 6.2 million tons, as it was dry in 2021, and seven or more million, this is a quantity that is not negligible. By the way, Serbia exports three to 3.5 million tons of corn a year.