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New fuel from Nis for cement factory in Beocin – Lafarge takes over waste oil from Jugo-Impex

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Nis-based Jugo-Impex, which has been engaged in the purchase, processing and recycling of secondary raw materials and waste over the last two decades, has signed an agreement with Beocin-based Lafarge cement factory on the procurement of waste oil.

Namely, in addition to taking care of dangerous electric and electronic waste, Jugo-Impex also works on raising Serbian citizens’ awareness of how important is to adequately dispose of waste oil.

– There is a big interest of our companies in suitable disposal of such oil, and it is especially expressed by public companies. For example, every company in Serbia that has its own motor pool changes motor oil on regular basis, and then that oil needs to be disposed of – Jugo-Impex Technical Director Dragan Katanic tells eKapija.

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He explains that the employees of Jugo-Impex go to take that oil, put it in tanks, transport it, and then store it. Since they still don’t have a unit for recycling waste oil, it is forwarded to the company’s collaborators.

Now one of the collaborators will be Lafarge, which will use that oil as a fuel thanks to its own burning system. Since the company’s oil recycling system has the built-in electric filters, the possibility of environment pollution is also being reduced.

As Katanic told our portal, people at Jugo-Impex also think about building their own unit for waste oil recycling, and the plans are that the idea be brought into realization within next year, year and half. Remol company has already been formed within Jugo-Impex system and it will be put in charge of this part of the portfolio of the company’s services.


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