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New law on energy could attract investors-Serbian Minister

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Minister of Environment, Mining and Spatial Planning Oliver Dulic stressed yesterday that with the adoption of a new law on energy, serious investment in renewable energy sources in Serbia will begin.

Addressing a “Possibilities for Energy Business in the Balkan Region” conference, Dulic said that by the end of this government’s mandate, around 10,000 people are to be employed in Serbia’s green economy, which includes the recycling industry and harvesting energy from renewable sources.

Serbia’s potential in renewable energy sources equals 4.1 million tons of oil and if we manage to use these resources rationally and attract investors to invest in this sector, Serbia could completely phase out the import of energy sources, the Minister outlined.

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He announced that during the year, his Ministry will launch several pilot projects to insulate state-owned buildings, adding that these projects could later be applied to other facilities in Serbia.

Investments in these projects would pay off within a few years already because they would contribute to energy savings in these facilities, Dulic added.

He said that the Fund for Environmental Protection will launch a new project of incentives for electricity production and pallets from biomass.

The Minister recalled that the Decree for encouraging production of electricity from renewable sources is in force in Serbia, which guarantees to investors the purchase of electricity in next 12 years from the implementation of projects.

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Dulic underlined that the relevant ministry passed appropriate regulations on energy efficiency of buildings – it defined the procedure for obtaining energy passports of facilities and it is working on drafting regulations for the use of waste for energy purposes, which will have multiple benefits and contribute to environmental protection.


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