New measures of the Government of Serbia for employment

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The program for the employment of a high school graduate from the budget goes 170 euros, and for those who graduated from the faculty 300 euros, for a period of nine months, announced the Minister of Finance.
The state will cover one part of the salary costs for 10,000 young people who have finished high school or college, announced the Minister of Finance Sinisa Mali yesterday, presenting the program “My first salary” as part of the new measures of incentives for employment.
– For those who finished high school, the state will give 170 euros, and for those who finished college 300 euros, for a period of nine months, so for the first probationary period, the first year of their employment – Mali specified and added that the program should to be realized already at the beginning of August, and that two billion dinars will be allocated from the budget for that.
The new employment measures were the topic of a meeting with businessmen in the Serbian government, which was also attended by Prime Minister Ana Brnabic, President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce Marko Cadez, and Director of the National Employment Service Zoran Martinovic, the Ministry of Finance announced.
– Through the program “My first salary”, the state wants to motivate young people to find a job as soon as possible, and on the other hand to facilitate the decision of employers to hire them – said Mali and assessed that this is a revolutionary program, which is directly aimed at helping young people.
The Minister also pointed out that the development of a platform for connecting companies and the unemployed is planned, and that all persons looking for work or training will go through the application on the NES portal, where they will leave all relevant information about their education, training and work experience.
Mali also stated that the training program, ie additional training for those who want to find a new job, will continue.
– We want to provide additional training, so that young people can create new skills and knowledge. For that purpose, we will set aside 10 million euros for 10,000 people, in the form of vouchers. This program will start on October 1 – the Minister of Finance pointed out and specified that the training of the unemployed will be performed not only in institutions whose primary activity is that, but also in companies, which would employ them after that.
– These are information technologies, graphic design, digital marketing, for those areas we enable the continuation of additional qualifications of all those who want to specialize in that area, because there is work to be done. We will also intensify investments in NHS training centers, as part of the program – he concluded, Alo reports.