New Turkish factories are expected to open in Serbia

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Minister of Finance Sinisa Mali met today with the newly appointed Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey in Belgrade, Hami Aksoy.

As it was announced from the Ministry of Finance, Mali talked with him about the economic relations between the two countries, as well as about future projects and cooperation.

Minister Mali welcomed Ambassador Aksoy and pointed out that the relations between the two countries have never been at a higher level in history, and that it is important that they develop further in the future. As he emphasized, the close cooperation between the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, and the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, contributed the most to that.

He said that a lot of Turkish factories operate in Serbia, as well as that new ones are expected to open, and that Turkish companies participate in various infrastructure projects across the country. As he added, the good relations between the two presidents contributed to that, but also the stable economic situation in Serbia, which has become an attractive destination for investors.

Ambassador Hami Aksoy pointed out that Turkish investors are extremely interested in further investments in Serbia, as well as that our country is an excellent place for investments. As he said, he is glad that Turkish factories have contributed to employment and a better standard in some local governments in Serbia.

The interlocutors concluded that there is a lot of potential for further strengthening of economic cooperation, as well as that they will work on it in the coming period, B92 reports.