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Nikola Tesla Airport expects larger number of passengers and higher profit in 2011

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According to the business plan for 2011, Belgrade-based Nikola Tesla Airport expects to increase the number of flights and passengers by 6% and 11%, respectively, against the last year.

The adopted business plan envisages a positive financial result in the gross amount of 2.48 billion dinars. Nikola Tesla Airport was the second public company to enter the stock exchange upon corporatization.

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After entering the stock exchange on February 7, 2011, the Airport’s shares had been showing a continuous downward trend until the company announced that it had turned a record profit in 2010.

The average price of these shares in the yesterday’s trading was RSD 505 per share. With that price, the value of the company’s market capitalization amounts to RSD 17.3 billion (EUR 166.3 million).


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