Nine billion euros for new infrastructure projects

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Today, Serbia is a politically stable country, with a stable budget that enables the realization of large infrastructure projects, which will be included in the 2020-2025 investment plan. Nine billion euros will be invested, said Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Zorana Mihajlovic.
In the morning program of TV Prva, she pointed out that Serbia had built 350 kilometers of highways in four years and rehabilitated more than a thousand regional roads.
“Everything we did in the previous period gives me the right and legitimacy to say that we will build 500 kilometers of highways. We are currently building 250 kilometers of highways, and we will invest a billion euros for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of five thousand local and regional roads. Today. “The world’s best companies work in Serbia, which is proof of our political stability,” the minister said.
She added that Serbia is investing in railway traffic, and that after the reconstruction of 77 kilometers of the bar railway from Resnik to Valjevo, next year the reconstruction from Valjevo to the border with Montenegro will start, at a speed of 120 kilometers per hour.
“The Bar railway was built 44 years ago and the same amount was not invested in it. This government has renovated the first 77 kilometers and we are continuing. Today we have the largest railway construction site in Southeast Europe, we are implementing a high-speed railway project from Belgrade to Budapest worth four billion euros. “Next year, we will start building a high-speed railway from Belgrade to Nis, which will also run 200 kilometers per hour, and then from Nis to Presevo. We want citizens to have a feeling of a different and better quality and way of life,” she said.
Mihajlovic assessed that the decision of Montenegro that the citizens of Serbia cannot enter that country is political, and that the decision of the Directorate of Civil Aviation to ban the landing of “Montenegro Airlines” planes in Serbia is economic.
“There is no conflict or politics in that. The decision is purely economic. Our national airline ‘Air Serbia’ submitted a request to land in Montenegro and has not received that approval to date,” she said.
She reminded that the Montenegrin authorities then banned the entry of Serbian citizens into Montenegro, and “Montenegro Airlines” asked for permission for additional flights. “Tell me which minister in our government could say to that: Yes, that’s right, no problem? As the Minister of Transport, I cannot work against the interests of my country,” she said.
She also assessed that the decision of Montenegro is harmful for everyone – and Serbia, Montenegro and the entire region, “because we are all so small that we should stick together, and not create problems for each other.”
She stated that the Government of Serbia opened the borders for everyone and did not introduce epidemiological-protectionist measures, because epidemiologists estimated that the borders could be open.
“The decision that our citizens cannot enter Montenegro is political and everyone suffers because of it – both our and Montenegrin citizens. Any borders and blockades in Europe in the 21st century are unsustainable and I expect that it will be resolved quickly,” said Mihajlovic, Novi Magazin reports.