October inflation in Serbia is lower than in three EU countries

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Data on September and October inflation in Serbia and European Union (EU) countries show that our country had lower year-on-year inflation in September than in two EU countries, and in October of three EU member states, according to the latest monthly “Macroeconomic Analysis and Trends “(MAT) of the Institute of Economics in Belgrade.
According to the concept of the harmonized index of consumer prices, year-on-year inflation in Serbia amounted to 5.6 percent in September, and 3.6 percent in the European Union, while in October it was 6.5 percent in Serbia and 4.4 percent in the EU.
Estonia and Lithuania had higher year-on-year inflation than Serbia in September, and in October, except in these two countries, year-on-year inflation was higher than ours in Hungary.
Estonia and Lithuania had year-on-year inflation of 6.4 percent in September, 6.8 and 8.2 percent, respectively, in October, while Hungary recorded year-on-year inflation of 6.6 percent in October, RTV reports.