One bank in Serbia brought a unique novelty in lending

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The Internet has brought a revolution in all spheres of life and business, including banking. That way, citizens can do everything they need from home. They can buy from the armchair, pay the bills, and now take a loan. Raiffeisen Bank has enabled all citizens, both clients of the bank and those who are not, to complete the entire process of taking a loan, from submitting a request to paying the funds on the account, via the Internet, in just 30 minutes. So, they don’t have to go to the bank at any time. Everything is easy, relaxed and in a very short time.
If you remember before the weekend that you need more money to buy or you decide to change the sofa, armchair, TV or buy a bicycle for your child, you can have money in your account in half an hour. We all like that – to get the money in a short time and make the desired purchase or payment… And all that without having to collect a pile of paper and not standing in line at the bank and come back several times to sign all the documents and approvals.
“IKes” loan is an absolute novelty on the Serbian banking market, but also in our region. The fact that the Serbian bank was the first in the Raiffeisen Group to introduce such a modern banking service shows how revolutionary the offer is! Cash loan application counters can now be empty and have a different purpose.
Applying for a loan online is not a novelty in itself, and Raiffeisen Bank has been offering it for many years.
However, this service has gone much further, because citizens do not have to visit the branch at any time, nor do they have to be clients of Raiffeisen Bank, and they can send all the necessary documents via the application.
Client identification is done through a short video call with bank employees, which is becoming the standard in Western Europe, while in our country it is applied for the first time thanks to new regulations recently introduced by the National Bank of Serbia, in line with practice in those countries. . This makes it easier for citizens to communicate with banks.
The whole process, which takes a very short time, ends with an advanced electronic signature, in a very short time: depending on the person’s skill in handling electronic devices, as well as having the necessary documents – the loan approval is received within 15 minutes, the bill can last less than half an hour!
Transfer of earnings to Raiffeisen Bank is not mandatory.
With the money in the account, you can do everything you wanted half an hour earlier. No leaving the house, waiting in the bank and waiting for payment. The money is available in 30 minutes, without any hassle.
– For 19 years we have been listening to the needs of our clients and improving the offer in accordance with them. What we know for sure is that a modern man does not have time to visit a bank branch several times, to wait for days for the necessary money. In this way, we have responded to exactly those needs – our clients or those who will become one, from now on they will be able to get a cash loan in a record short time, without any paper delivered to the branch, at a time and place that suits them,” said Petar Jovanovic, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board of Raiffeisen Bank, Novosti reports.

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