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Panasonic starts trial production in Svilajnac

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The Japanese company Panasonic yesterday started trial production in Svilajnac, in the rented part of the hall of the German company Rheum.

This part of the hall, spanning 2,500 square meters, is rented to Panasonic for the period of 30 months for EUR 300,000. About ten workers are already working at the plant, while the process of employment of another 55 people is underway.

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– We are more than satisfied with the rate at which Panasonic fulfills its plan. The company started hiring workers as soon as in mid-December. We were so lucky to have the kind of a hall Panasonic finds suitable. Apart from Director of Panasonic Serbia Dirk Pophanken, here is also a Japanese who is in charge of production – says Deputy Mayor of Svilajnac Predrag Milanovic.

Panasonic is a tenant and that is why it has not received any privileges from the municipality, but the plan is that the negotiations on construction of a new plant, a bit larger than the Rheum’s plant, be finished by the end of this year. It will be a hall at 18,000 square meters on 4 ha of land, worth 15 million euros. That is when Panasonic will also get certain benefits such as free land and public utilities.

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