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Paracinka signed agreement on technical cooperation with Croatian Akvarijus

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Sinisa Skaro, the owner of Croatian Akvarijus, has given up the acquisition of Paracin-based confectioner Paracinka. However, this company has concluded an agreement on business-technical cooperation with Paracinka, by which Paracinka will be delivering two and half cars loaded with candies to Akvarijus every month.

Slavoljub Najdanovic, the president of the factory trade union, says that Akvarijus has also signed a special agreement with the factory trade union, by which 50,000 euros will be paid to the factory’s giro-account every month during the next six months.

Thanks to a total sum of 300,000 euros, in addition to regular salaries, the workers will also be receiving 50% of the late salaries, which should improve the standard of the employees to a certain extent.

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Najdanovic also says that the demand for Paracinka’s products in September and October was quite big and that the company was unable to meet all the requests since about 60 workers, a whole shift, are absent from the job every day.


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