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Pljevlja mine will export 500 tons of coal a day to Serbia - Serbia Business

Pljevlja mine will export 500 tons of coal a day to Serbia

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The Pljevlja Coal Mine and the Electric Power Industry of Serbia have established cooperation, which includes the delivery of about 500 tons of coal a day to Serbia, it was confirmed to Tanjug in EPS.

At the meeting in Belgrade on March 31, the agreement was reached by the acting director of EPS, Miroslav Tomašević, and the executive director of the Pljevlja Coal Mine, Milan Lekić.

The calorific value of coal that EPS is interested in ranges from 7,500 to 8,000 kJ / kg, CdM reports.

When it comes to price and transport, those categories will be officially defined in the coming period.

Executive Director Lekić said that the price will certainly not be lower than the current price at which coal is distributed to the Pljevlja Thermal Power Plant (TEP), although it is coal of lower quality compared to that delivered by TEP, and that transport costs will be fully fall on the burden of EPS.

“During this calendar year, it was agreed in principle to deliver about 300,000 tons of coal, with a tendency to increase that amount in the future.” It was agreed that the Pljevlja Coal Mine will form a price in the coming period and that all elements of cooperation will be defined in more detail. According to certain assumptions, the plan is to deliver about 500 tons of coal per day “, stated Lekić.

He added that the costs of transport to Prijepolje or Lazarevac, depending on the final decision on where the coal will be distributed, will be fully covered by EPS, Politika reports.