President Vucic announced increase in earnings

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Visiting the TV show “Heating”, the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, answered the host’s question regarding the pressures and rumors on the political scene, and then he touched on the increase in salaries.

When it comes to information placed by members of the opposition, the president says that it is political despair when you can’t and can’t deal with important problems.

He pointed out that he did not intend to mention any of those who mention him every day:

“When you keep quiet about Ukraine, Srebrenica, and then the only policy of the media you pay for is that we are back in the 1990s. Only those wires in the 1990s, they can’t move, they don’t see what has changed, railways, roads, the army, Belgrade on water, hospitals, nothing “, categorically stated Vučić.

“Now they are proposing to abolish health contributions. Not to mention that there will be no investment again. I had to make decisions that bring consequences and worry about the people, whether we will save the factories. We will increase salaries by 12% without experimentation.” announced the president, Alo reports.