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Promotion of hybrid vehicles to protect environment

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Minister of Environment, Mining and Spatial Planning Oliver Dulic said yesterday in Novi Sad that the Fund for the Environment decided to support and subsidise the purchase of hybrid cars with €1000.

In a promotion of the Eco Friendly project, which is jointly implemented by the Vojvodina government and the Ministry of Environment, Mining and Spatial Planning, he said that, in agreement with the representatives of local governments, free parking for those vehicles will be provided.

He said that the percentage of purchase of hybrid cars in the EU ranges from 3% to 5%, while in Serbia the percentage stands at 0.3%.

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Vojvodina Prime Minister Bojan Pajtic said that the provincial government has been actively involved in all projects related to environmental protection.

We have not inherited the planet from our ancestors, and we are obliged to leave to future generations in the best condition. In this regard, we supported this action, and apart from Novi Sad, the action involves nine local governments in Vojvodina, said Pajtic.

The project “Eco Frendly” is a campaign which helps popularise hybrid vehicles to reduce emissions of harmful gases into the atmosphere.


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