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Rail link between Serbia and Greece to be modernized

The modernization of the railway Corridor 10 is of strategic interest for Serbia, says Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Zorana Mihajlovic.

Mihajlovic, who is also one of deputy PMs in the Serbian cabinet, made the statement during her meeting in Belgrade on Thursday with Greece’s Minister of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks Christos Spirtzis.

Mihajlovic and her interlocutor spoke about the modernization of the rail link between Serbia and Greece, “stressing that it is not enough to have only a modernized railroad from Belgrade to Budapest, which we will go 200 kilometers an hour, but it is important to modernize the railways in the south in order to be competitive,” the Serbian government announced on its website.

Mihajlovic noted that, when it comes to road traffic, Serbia has almost completed Corridor 10, while Spirtzis “stressed that the priority of the Greek side is the modernization and improvement of railways and connecting from Serbia to the ports in Greece.”