Rails from over 15 sections in Serbia are going to waste

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The Serbian Railway Infrastructure has announced a public call for the sale of old rails, old track accessories and old switches, removed from over 15 sections where traffic was canceled.
The starting price per kilogram of that “waste material” is 10 eurocents, and the starting price of the public bidding by collecting closed bids is around 2.5 million euros.
Although it is expected that the railway will be removed where it is not profitable, former railway worker from Jaša Tomić, Nikola Dobrić, told RTS that the decision to sell rails from the railway to Vršac, which was reconstructed a little over two decades ago, is a surprise.
The railway from Zrenjanin to Vršac is in perfect condition. I don’t know who thought of removing and selling it. The bridge was built in Sečanj, the one in Konak na Brzavi was built. So most of the railway is good. It is easier to maintain it a little, but to seize it now and sell it for nothing.”
The locals from Jaša Tomić and Sečanj secretly hoped that the local railways could be used.
“If the Sarganska osmica can be made, why couldn’t it be made from Sečanj to the border. And maybe even to Timisoara, this tourist story. The state has been helping rural tourism a lot in the last few years. Wouldn’t that be one of those things?” says Spaso Mladenovski, village chronicler from Jasa Tomic.
However, the company Serbian Railway Infrastructure expects that the sale of the old infrastructure will lead to further development.
“Apart from the significant revenues that the Serbian Railway Infrastructure will generate in this way, the old infrastructure and railways will be removed, many of which have not run on trains for decades, which will enable local governments in Vojvodina to develop faster and better,” he wrote in a statement from this company.
The public invitation envisages the sale of 19,500 tons of old rails, 1,370 tons of various parts for switches and 3,755 tons of old track accessories, which is a total of 24,625 tons of old iron and steel.
According to the announcement, the bids for participation in that public tender will be opened on January 14, 2022 at 12:30 PM, in the premises of the Serbian Railway Infrastructure Company in Belgrade. It was originally planned that the bids would be opened on January 11, 2022, but that deadline was moved.
Whoever wants to participate in this public tender, it is necessary to pay a deposit of slightly more than 1.2 million euros, Nova Ekonomija reports.