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Reform plan for acquiring candidate status must be fulfilled

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Deputy Prime Minister Bozidar Djelic stated yesterday that Serbia will most likely fulfil its reform plan for the first half of 2011 by the end of June in order to improve the conditions in the country and complete the tasks necessary for acquiring EU candidate status.

Appearing in evening news on the Radio Television Serbia, Djelic stressed that depending on the quality and amount of reforms to be implemented, there are three possible scenarios for Serbia, the best of which would imply Serbia’s acquisition of candidate status and establishing the date for the beginning of talks.

He said that the other possibility is what Montenegro got last year – EU candidate status, but without a definite date for launching the talks, while the worst case scenario would be a list of reforms to be implemented in order to acquire candidate status.

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The Deputy Prime Minister recalled that meeting the obligations towards the Hague tribunal is one of the conditions for further EU accession process.

(Government of Serbia)


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