Roaming prices in Greece for Serbia will be lower by 50 to 99 percent

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From tomorrow, the prices of telephony in roaming with Greece for the citizens of Serbia will be lower by 50 to 90 percent, which is the merit of our operators, said the Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Tatjana Matic.
“By applying the Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications of Serbia and the Ministry of Digital Administration of Greece on reducing international roaming tariffs, the Serbian side achieved success and expressed high readiness of Serbian operators to prepare offers with significantly lower tariffs, especially given the short time period from the signing of the Memorandum to its implementation,” Matic pointed out.
She reminded that the Memorandum, which was signed in May this year, implies encouraging mobile operators to conclude bilateral agreements which will enable lower prices for roaming tariffs.
“In order for roaming prices in Greece to be like in national traffic, we expect Greek operators to come out with lower wholesale tariffs for the services they provide. However, thanks to Serbian operators, roaming prices for our citizens have already been significantly reduced, from 50 to 90 percent for incoming and outgoing calls, from 48 to 83 percent for messages and even up to 99.89 percent for data transmission,” stated Minister Matic, reports Tanjug.
According to the table published by the Ministry, Telenor reduced the price of outgoing calls from Greece from 90 to 40 cents, incoming calls were reduced from 40 to 10 cents, SMS messages from 30 cents to 1 cents and data transfer from 8 euros per megabyte to only 1 cent.
Outgoing and incoming calls during your stay in Greece in the A1 mobile network have been reduced from 80 to 40 cents, SMS messages instead of 30 cents now cost 10 cents, and a megabyte of data transfer has been reduced from 9 euros to 75 cents.
Telekom Srbija has reduced the number of outgoing calls from Greece from 85 cents to 15 cents, incoming calls from 30 cents to 3 cents, SMS messages now cost only 4 cents instead of 20 cents, and data transfer instead of the previous 5 euros now costs only 1 cent, Politika reports.