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Secure energy supply is Serbia’s current priority

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The state and all entities in the energy system are working together to solve problems in the energy system and all resources will be engaged to ensure orderly supply to the economy and households, said Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Mining and Energy Zorana Mihajlovic.
She chaired the session of the Working Group for Monitoring Security of Energy and Energy Supply, which discussed the current situation in all parts of the energy system.
According to the ministry, the session of the working group discussed activities to eliminate problems in the electricity system, as well as the current situation in the supply of natural gas and heat.
Representatives of EPS informed the members of the working group about the engaged capacities in thermal and hydro power plants and the measures that are being taken to solve the problems in production in TPP “Nikola Tesla”.
The activities undertaken by EMS and “Elektrodistribucija Srbije” to eliminate problems in the transmission and distribution system were also discussed.
Representatives of “Elektrodistribucija Srbije” pointed out that all teams are on the ground, that the number of consumers without power is expected to decrease and that currently the biggest problem is the passability of roads, which makes repairs difficult, and which is solved in cooperation with PE “Putevi Srbije”.
Representatives of PE “Srbijagas”, “Transportgas”, NIS, Business Association “Toplane Srbije”, Energy Agency, Republic Directorate for Commodity Reserves, PE PEU “Resavica” and PE “Putevi Srbije” also participated in the meeting, Politika reports.

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